Matt Cory & The Bad Decisions Overcome Snowstorm to Complete Shooting of "Let's Go Downtown" Music Video

By Matt Cory

Posted on

Three time Manitoba Loud Music Award Winner, Matt Cory & The Bad Decisions recently faced a unique challenge during the shooting of their latest music video, "Let's Go Downtown!" The video was filmed at The Double Decker and T-Birds in Brandon, Manitoba, adding a local touch to the production.

Despite facing a massive snowstorm on the day of the performance shoot, the team persevered, determined to capture the essence of the song. To their surprise, people still made it to be a part of the video, showcasing the community's support for local artistry.

The music video starred a talented cast including Brody Tiel, Ashley Fong, Elena Leach, and Jasmin Nokonechny, who brought Cory’s spaced out vision to life with their performances. The video featured shots at an arcade, bowling alley and bar, adding a dynamic and vibrant visual element to the song.

Two-time Manitoba Loud Music award winner, Travis Anema, brought his expertise to the project as the director of the music video. With help from Kris Pollard, the team worked tirelessly to ensure that Cory’s vision was brought to life on screen.

Despite the challenges faced during filming, the end result is a testament to the collaborative effort and passion for storytelling within the Brandon music scene.

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