Matt Cory & The Bad Decisions Prepare EP Release, Video & EP Showcase

By Matt Cory

Posted on

Matt Cory has been diligently preparing for the release of his 8th EP, "Let's Go Downtown," which draws inspiration from the iconic 70s rock scene in Detroit. Influenced by legendary bands such as The Stooges, Alice Cooper, and Ted Nugent, Matt has poured his passion for this era of music into the five tracks featured on the EP.

As the release date of March 29 approaches, Matt has been fine-tuning every aspect of the EP, ensuring that each track captures the essence of 70s rock while also showcasing his unique style and talent. In addition to the EP itself, fans can look forward to a music video for the title track, "Let's Go Downtown," adding a visual element to the experience that was shot during a recent snow storm.

To celebrate the launch of the EP, Matt will be hosting an EP Release Party on March 30, where attendees can immerse themselves in the sounds of Hard Rock including performances by Left of Centre and Pure Entry. This event promises to be a night filled with live music, nostalgia, and a shared love for the rock music that continues to inspire Matt's creative journey. Stay tuned for an unforgettable musical experience!

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