Milt Homely

Milt Homely

Country Folk Singer/songwriter


Milton Homely
Winnipeg MB Canada


Milt Homely lives in Winnipeg, where he writes songs. His whiskey-fueled, musical ramblings tell tales of loss, heartbreak, and what it feels like to be an imposter. He turns his raw passion for Jesus, progressive Hutterite women, and getting drunk alone while listening to Spiritualized, into beer-soaked, soul-baring, country ballads that will make you laugh, cry, shake your head in disappointment, and cover your face with your hands in embarrassment.

Born in Caddo County, Oklahoma and raised in the Bible belt of Manitoba's prairie pants. For years, Milt lived in Southwestern Japan. Now, he calls Winnipeg's North End home. 

Milt ain't your average cowboy. He don't think too highly of rodeos, pipelines, patriotism, and toxic masculinity, and he ain't afraid to sing about it and speak a lil' truth to it in the process. Shucks.

He often feels sadness, guilt, regret, and loneliness, and his songs don't tend to shy away from any of them themes either. Saddle-up!




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