Miss Shereen Ramprashad

Acoustic Experimental Spoken Word

Miss Shereen Ramprashad


The best box to fit me into is an Illustrator, storyteller. I studied Book Illustration way back in the early 80's at Sheridan College in Oakville Ontario. After graduation I was fortunate enough to land a few contracts with a couple of independent environmental magazines and social justice books. Time ticked on as it does and somehow I ended up in Winnipeg shell-shocked and a bit dazed with the vast sky, flat landscape and incredibly nice people. My first visit to the Forks in 2000 I dropped my keys and someone stopped picked them up ran after me and gave them back. I stood there stunned and slacked jawed.

Welcome to Winnipeg, I thought.

2005 I had a life altering cancer diagnosis that changed the course of my artistic practice. I decided to reclaim my creativity and go back enjoying my creative spirit and celebrate it every day on my terms. In 2015 I walked away from a commercial art desk job and starting doing what I do best and that is to tell stories in my own unique way. I taught myself to write and play bass, guitar, edit music and film. I have no idea what the rules are in these areas and I don't care that I do. All that matters is the enjoyment it brings to my life and if anyone out there enjoys what I do then that's the best gift we can share with each other.

Since 2017  I have sold at least one painting per show. I’m have and continue get bookings for  spoken word perfomances around the city. My highlight for 2019 was touring Manitoba with Sarasvati Productions for International Woman's Week, where I performed my poem “I Am NOT A Victim.

To sum it all up in one sentence: I live to write and tell stories through words, images and sounds and have a heck of a good time doing it.


Shereen Ramprashad
Winnipeg MB Canada




"Bees At Sunset 2019"



"September Frost Killed My Flowers" from I Find Peace In My Garden


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