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MOSMA | Mid-Ocean School of Media Arts


1588 Erin Street Winnipeg MB Canada R3E2T1
1 204 775 3308
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MOSMA | Mid-Ocean School of Media Arts has been providing practical and intensive education in audio production for over two decades. Founded on the basis of creating an environment which would educate students with the fundamentals of audio recording and encourage students to work in a creative and collaborative atmosphere with artists, producers, and audio engineers.

For over 24 years MOSMA is proudly Manitoba's only Audio Production Institute. We are the Prairie's most establish technical training facility focusing on Music Production, Live Sound Reinforcement, Sound for Film/TV/Gaming, and Radio Production.

Important to a solid curriculum and a strong faculty is exposing students to industry professionals through practical projects, mentorships, lectures and workshops throughout their studies and providing our graduates with ample resources and opportunities for the length of their careers. In tandem, MOSMA has the privilege to build strong relationships with our local arts community and maintains involvement with many outreach programs. These are all elements of our continued success.

Discography As Studio

Medium Funk

Medium Funk Easy Trance

Released: April 2, 2018

Label: Independent

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The Lucid EP

The Lucid EP Disraeli Dreamers

Released: May 9, 2017

Producer: Aaron Ranville, Tim Tkachyk

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Dustin Harder's Prairie Soul

Dustin Harder's Prairie Soul Dustin Harder's Prairie Soul

Released: October 14, 2016

Producer: Dustin Harder, Len Milne, Unison Studios

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This Yen Closing My Throat

This Yen Closing My Throat Champagne Years

Released: December 6, 2015

Producer: Ryan McVeigh

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I Saw The Wolf

I Saw The Wolf Chez Willi

Released: October 25, 2013

Label: Independent

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Fruit and Ash

Fruit and Ash Flying Fox and the Hunter Gatherers

Released: June 1, 2013

Producer: Flying Fox and the Hunter Gatherers, Ryan McVeigh

Label: Independent

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Manic Shakes 7"

Manic Shakes 7" The Manic Shakes

Released: June 22, 2012

Label: Independent

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Mid-Ocean Sessions

Mid-Ocean Sessions Lindsey White

Released: January 1, 2011

Producer: The students of Mid-Ocean School of Media Arts

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The Empty Standards

The Empty Standards The Empty Standards

Released: December 19, 2009

Producer: Empty Standards, Sean Geisel

Label: Independent

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Ink: The EP

Ink: The EP Pumas

Released: October 31, 2009

Producer: Ryan McVeigh

Label: Grumpy Cloud

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Eye The Feugh

Released: December 20, 2007

Producer: Cam Crawford

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Intercontinental Champion

Intercontinental Champion Boats

Released: May 12, 2007

Producer: Ryan McVeigh

Label: Independent

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Les jeux sont faits

Les jeux sont faits Ya Ketchose

Released: January 1, 2006

Producer: Matthieu Roy, Murray Pulver

Label: independent

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Burning Ember

Burning Ember Steve Bell

Released: January 1, 1994

Producer: Dave Zeglinski, Steve Bell

Label: Signpost Music

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