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Northern Faction 3

Northern Faction 3

By Various Artists

Saturday, December 3, 2005
Balanced Records Inc.
Catalog No.

Four years and eight full lengths have passed since Balanced Records launched their premier release and series. Returning with a new instalment, Northern Faction 3 leaps beyond Balanced's Winnipeg roots to include nu jazz and downtempo from across the Northern hemisphere.

It features deep soulful material from Kaskade and King Kooba, both off of the seminal Om Recordings, and a warm mood maker from Gavin Froome of Vancouver's Nordic Trax. Northern Faction 3 includes an unreleased Rise Ashen dub jazz gem from Ottawa's Fossil Fuel. The collection slides into nu-jazz with music from Norway's Latebloomer and Germany's Club des Belugas. A classic Fascade@137db jazzy breaks number is also re-released for this collection. Precursor Production's Andrew Yankiwski drops a killer soul infused track featuring Sherry St. Germain and Ravi Poliah. Vinyl Republik also joins in with some loungey head nodders with contributions from Montreal's Lampshade and Pete Samples. To top it all off, Northern Faction 3 includes new material from Balanced veterans DJ Brace, Solidaze, Equanim, and The Seed Organization. Northern Faction 3 breaks ground beyond the previous instalments and is destined to be the soundtrack for a cozy winter hibernation.

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