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By Paris To Kyiv

Tuesday, September 6, 2005
Richard Moody
Olesia Records
Catalog No.

Fragmenti continues Paris to Kyiv's evolution from the more typically Ukrainian sounds of earlier records to a truly universal sonic tapestry. The usual Ukrainian folk poetry and chants and prayers and song fragments are now heard in an expanded global fusion with a greater use of percussion -- both acoustic and Latin, classical and electric guitar, and even overtone chanting.

This new direction is fuelled by the playing of musicians new to Paris To Kyiv. Drawn from the endless pool of exciting Manitoba talent, the group resonates with the rhythmical drive of multi-genre percussionist Christian Dugas, the Latin and Afro-Cuban pulse of Rodrigo Munoz who also contributes his Spanish guitar talents and vocals, fretless bassist and recording engineer, Paul Yee, and overtone singing artist, Alan Schroeder.

The connection to earlier Paris To Kyiv projects is maintained by bandurist and sopilka player Julian Kytasty and violist/guitarist/singer/songwriter Richard Moody, who also produced "Fragmenti". Both of these musicians, bards from different cultural worlds, have been part of the Paris To Kyiv project for the last 10 years and give it its unusual and distinct flavour.

The catalyst for all of this innovative music is, of course, singer and culture maker, Alexis Kochan, who has taken those unique pieces of "folk jewelry" -- the "fragments" -- and with her collaborators, turned them into priceless musical gems.

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