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Mahogany Frog vs. Mabus

Mahogany Frog vs. Mabus

By Mahogany Frog

Friday, February 27, 2004
Mahogany Frog and Mike Petkau
Czaar Studios
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“We’re not sailing in this boat alone, tell me when the guests are all gone.

In our summers brothers don’t be long, winter spring summer and fall.”

All material composed and performed by Mahogany Frog | Produced by Mahogany Frog and Mike Petkau | Recorded and mixed by Mike Petkau at Czaar Studios and DNB Recording August to November 2003 | Mastered by Scott Pinder at Polyphonic Mastering Labs | Cover design concept by Mahogany Frog | Layout and Graphic Design by Sebastian Podsiadlo | Photo credits: Antoinette, Steve, Eitsirk |

© 2004 Mafrogany Hog Ltd./Inc./Corp. & Co.

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