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Mahogany Frog Plays The Blues

Mahogany Frog Plays The Blues

By Mahogany Frog

Monday, January 1, 2001
Mahogany Frog and Rob Dyck
South End Studios
Catalog No.

All songs written & performed by Mahogany Frog

Recorded August 11th & 12th 2001 at South End of Nothing by the illustrious young sonic Wizard Rob Dyck

Artwork and design by: Mahogany Frog, Eitsirk & Madame Mila

Mahogany Frog is:

Roy G. Biv – lead lasers, Chinese water torture and lava

Jupiter’s Jester – ear tickler, toilet plunger and rubber cheques

Omar Fuzt – barracuda, tambura and steel beam bending

Clean Cheeks Wilson – Fat Boy, pyloric valve and auto harp

Guest Appearance by: Eitsirk – wailing and damp sponge

© 2001 Mafrogany Hog Ltd./Inc./Corp. & Co.

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