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The Living Sounds of Mahogany Frog

The Living Sounds of Mahogany Frog

By Mahogany Frog

Tuesday, January 1, 2002
Mahogany Frog and Robert Dyck
South End Studios (SK)
Mahoganly Frog Ltd/Inc/Corp/and Co.
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During the spring thaw of somebody's year (a numerical expression) they came across it. It languished within a cave they say. In a cave of ice and snow it lay. There in its birth and burial. Buried, but not by human hand or spade or machine. Not cast into an excavated pit or a deliberate grave. It was covered by the puissance of time. A thousand years was all that separated it from sun, from wind, from war, from change, from ears. A thousand years move was all that they had. The heart that pounds and the bones that were crushed. forever and ever their song will be sung. A thousand years move is all that they had. It was all they had to go on, these people who had never been known or forgotten. It was more than we expected, we people who get what we are gotten. This new found proof in blood on bark and etchings in stone. The existence of a people. This history in song left as a reminder (or maybe a premonition) of human struggle, accomplishment and celebration, and eventual extinction. If a thousand years is all they had, well, we should be so lucky.

This interpretation was recorded live at South End Studios on September 10, 2002 by Robert and Darren Dyck (a pair of wizards). Our most sincere gratitude to Dr. Shaun Mason, Prof. Jordan Perry, & Mike Spindloe Esq. for your impeccable performances here and in the excavation and decoding of the artifact. Additional thanks to Saskatoon, the letter ď, and Margie for her basement and pastries.

Graham Epp – guitar, electric piano, trumpet

Jesse Warkentin – electric guitar, twelve-string acoustic

Shaun Mason – bass guitar

JP Perron – drum kit, percussion, samples, tap-dancing

Jordan Perry – Farfisa organ, synthesizer

Mike Spindloe – tenor saxophone

© 2002 Mafrogany Hog Ltd./Inc./Corp. & Co.

ALBUM NOTES: This album, our second, is a single composition. It is intended to be regarded in its entirety, although we have inserted four track markers for the listener’s convenience. “The Living Sounds” was recorded in three large sections live off the floor within a total of eight hours. few second takes, corrections or overdubs were made. The final mix was done on the fly, and the master was burnt at seven in the morning. Although sometimes raw, this recording reflects precisely how Mahogany Frog sounded with this line-up at this time in our development, and accurately captures the live energy that has always been our strong point.

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