The Good Life

The Good Life

By Bubba B The MC

Monday, June 16, 2003
Nervous Breakdown Productions

Released in 2003, self promoted with a successful "DIY distribution plan" where over 4000 copies sold and featured the underground, internet and college radio hits "On Da Block", "Magical & Mystikal", "Tell Me How You Feel", "Life Keeps Passing Me By", "The Groove" and "Last Dayz of Pompeii" alongside club requests "Dancing In the Rain" and "Respect Me 2" featuring Sarika.

Executive produced, written, arranged, distributed and recorded by Bubba B this album is sure to be counted on several "Best Underground", "Best Unsigned Classic", "Best independantly produced" and "Best of the Calgary MC's" lists in the future.

Featuring the perfectly blended sounds of RnB, Jazz, Gospel, Opera, Classical and old school Hip Hop this album, along with the simplistic yet enticing cover art, made for a stand out and "must have" of any Canadian Urban music fan.

From the controversial "Parental Advisory: Explicit Lyrics" on the cover, which was in itself a social experiment to engage the consumer and discussion, to the intricately laced lyrics, sans vulgar language,  woven in between the multiple levels of butter soft melodies and hard hitting beats, this album was genetically engineered to be listened to. not just heard.



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