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Dirty Roads

Dirty Roads

By The Magnificent 7's

Saturday, September 27, 2008
David Nishikawa
Front-ear Recording Studios
Transistor 66 Record Co.
Catalog No.

This 7 piece roots-rock ensemble newest release was mastered by Head in the Sand Production's Mike Petkau. It was recorded live at the Rudolf Rocker Cultural Centre.

The line-up:

Chris Bodnarchuk (Vocals, Guitar, Banjo), Ingrid Gatin (Vocals, Mondolin), Ida Sawabe (Vocals, Stand-up Bass), Matt Magura (Vocals, Guitar, Drum), T.J. Blaire (Vocals, Guitar, Banjo), David Nishikawa (Guitars!!! and more guitars, banjo machine), Andy Bart (guest fiddle)

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