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Mahogany Frog DO5

Mahogany Frog DO5

By Mahogany Frog

Monday, April 28, 2008
Mahogany Frog and Mike Petkau
MCM Studios
MoonJune Records (International)/Independent (Canada)
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Mahogany Frog October 2006 – May 2007

Graham Epp, Jesse Warkentin, Scott Ellenberger, JP Perron

Produced by Mike Petkau and Mahogany Frog

Recorded & Mixed by Mike Petkau @ MCM Studios, Winnipeg

Mastered by Marcus Paquin @ SNB Studios, Montreal

All songs written and arranged by Mahogany Frog except 9 by Andy Rudolph

Toaster by Jesse Warkentin T-Tigers by Laura Clark photo by Kristie

© 2008 Mafrogany Hog Ltd./Inc./Corp. & Co.

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