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Hearts For City Limits

Hearts For City Limits

By The Mission Light

Tuesday, June 30, 2009
Norman Dugas Production
Norman Dugas Production
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Consumed by a common desire to create something truly special, the original lineup of SOCAN Award winning singer-songwriter Guy Abraham (guitar/piano/vocals), Alain Muller (bass/guitar), Saya Gahungu (violin) and Jamie Smythe (drums), set out to capture the epic sound that is The Mission Light. Soaring vocals, violins and keys combined with heart-pounding guitars, drums and bass are beautifully layered on the bandís upcoming debut ďHearts For City LimitsĒ. Enlisting the expertise of Gemini Award winning producer/engineer Norman Dugas and the mixing/mastering skills of Kyle Sierens, the bandís vision has been achieved blending new technologies with vintage sounds. Friends and musicians who've added their personal touches to the record so far include: Sarah Dugas (The Duhks, Madrigaia), Dale Brown (Dust Rhinos). Much time and care has been poured into this creation, making the release one to look out for in 2009.

Infusing new blood into the live sound are newly acquired Rob Nicolas on guitar and violinist Dale Brown.

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