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Arun Chaturvedi

Arun Chaturvedi

By Arun Chaturvedi

Thursday, October 28, 2010
Arun Chaturvedi
nB Studios
Catalog No.

Some may remember Arun as the front man for Canadian modern rock group Driver, who performed the 2006 radio hit She Laughed at Me. Since that time, youd likely find the classically trained pianist behind the mixing console as the go to record producer/songwriter for a host of up and coming artists including Darrelyne Bickel (YTV's Next Star), Don Amero (Male Artist of the Year and Best songwriter at CDN Folk Music Awards), Juno nominated Little Hawk and many more.

Now, Arun is set to release his first solo recording, a beautiful collection of sparse, piano based songs about real people with real lives who share their most inner secrets and souls.

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