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Alberta Rivers

Alberta Rivers

By Don Swidinsky

Tuesday, January 4, 2011
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1. Breaking The Ice (Instr.) 8. Farm Boy (Vocals) 2. Alberta Rivers (Vocals) 9. Thinking of Lenny Breau (Instr.) 3. Cape Ray Reel 2 (Instr.) 10. Waltz from Heaven (Instr.) 4. Ghost From Athabasca (Vocals) 5. Peace River Jig (Instr.) 6. My Darkest Hour (Vocals) 7. Cowboy Rag (Instr.) This is Don's sixth album. A combination of songs and instrumentals. A mixture of bluegrass, country, folk, and Celtic styles. As always, the background theme is water (rivers, lakes, oceans). Don hopes to eventually cover all of Canada musically from coast to coast. ALBERTA RIVERS shows this while continuing to the West Coast. Don has a unique flatpicking style on acoustic guitar which he calls "Canadian Flatpicking". 

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