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My Fingers, Your Toes

My Fingers, Your Toes

By Johnny Broadway

Thursday, December 15, 2011

This is a song I wrote to celebrate what for me defines the best parts of the holidays and winter in general. Sometimes it's nice to just shut in for a bit (living in Winnipeg and all), turn the ringer off, and spend some quality time with the person or people you love.

And living far from my family, some of these lyrics are about things that remind me of the best times I've had with them too. I remember a few years ago I flew back home to Windsor for the holidays, and we threw on some records and just sang along and danced in the kitchen. We've got Paul Simon singing 'Diamonds on the Soles of Her Shoes' while my mom and my aunt and everyone are just having a blast singing and dancing together.

Or hanging out with friends, we often grab a guitar and sing our favourite covers together. A great example of this was just last Monday at the Manitoba Independent Songwriters Circle Christmas event, having a beer and pizza with friends I've known ever since I first moved to Winnipeg (and a few newer ones I brought out to introduce them to the song circles), and the whole group is singing along while a few folks were playing Runaway by Del Shannon.

You can't manufacture moments like that, they're magic and you just have to be in it as they happen. That's what this song tries to capture a little bit of.

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