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Rock-Onicles: 1983-2003

Rock-Onicles: 1983-2003

By Mike J.T. Melnyk

Friday, February 17, 2012
Mike J.T. Melnyk
Apple Blossom Sound and Channels Audio & Post Production and FRANK Digital and Studio 11 Entertainment and Recording Studios
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This document of the "rock'n'roll road" includes live and/or studio performances of twentyfour original songs by Mike J. T. Melnyk.

The songs cover the genres of Rockabilly, "Punkabilly", Rock 'n' Roll, Rock, Blues, Roots Rock, Country Rock, "Doo-Wop", and maybe more.

There are twenty-seven Musicians in total playing on these recordings (26 from Winnipeg/MB, and 1 from BC), appearing in chronological order of when the songs were performed; in recording studios, live settings in Winnipeg, and on the road: from 1983 to 2003.

This release is a double album: 2 discs - 40 tracks, with a total time of 2:17:14.
The album also includes full track listings, track times, and information including the musicians, instrumentation, where, when, and how recorded, and also includes many photos and images from the twenty year period it covers. The "process" of this album's production is also documented in the liner notes.

Rock-Onicles is available -at this time- at Into The Music, Music Trader, and by contacting Mike at:

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