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The Black List

The Black List

By BURNT-Project1

Friday, May 25, 2012
Bedside Studios
Catalog No.
The Black List



"The Veteran"


David McLeod, Executive Producer, The National Aboriginal Music Countdown- “Burnt Project1 is led by David Boulanger who creates a driving soulful force with an incredibly talented ragtag crew of operatives. He leads the way to musical boundaries where funky/rock up-tempo movers are accentuated by a driving bass and Motown-era horns. He also skillfully slows it down to share deep personal lyrics that reference sweet-grass smoke and the ceremonial buffalo skulls that have grounded him as a First Nations artist. Burnt Project1 should be experienced live whenever possible.”

John Barnard, Director, ‘The Sheepdogs Have At It’ Farpoint Films- “I first encountered Burnt Project 1 while making a concert film for CBC, in which David and his band were featured artists. That was several years ago and their music has never left me. Those songs are now etched in my mind like a piece of history. It’s that epic. I’ve always thought it inappropriate for someone to describe an artist’s “sound”. I’m not equipped to use such language. But I will say that this music evokes imagery in my mind in ways most songs never do. This music tells remarkable stories and visits emotional places that we all need to visit.”

Len Milne, BEDSIDE STUDIO Producer/Owner-“To see Burnt-Project1 live , you will be seeing a Folk, Roots, Rock, Reggae, World Beat, Soul, Rap and Blues band all in one show. There is not one style of music that this band stays on but at the same time this band does not wander off into musical ego trips. For a band that sounds like a handful of styles, the one thing they do have down is the style of sounding good. This is a must see Winnipeg Act.”

After eight years of writing and three years of recording, BURNT-Project 1 has released The Black List, the only one of its’ kind, sticking its neck way out there to say “...welcome everybody to this event, things are about to electrify, the ghosts in the back are gettin’ down, so everyone be good this time..!”
Their feathers are out and their moccasins are tied tight! “The Black List is a ceremony in its self. Spiritual beings expressing a human experience...”GWIIWZENZ DEWE'IGAN

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