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Woman of Red

Woman of Red

By Tracy Bone

Friday, June 29, 2012
Studio 11 Entertainment and Recording Studios and Jason Gordon
Studio 11 Entertainment and Recording Studios
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Leading us through this new musical journey is the twangy country tune "This Ol' Habit" that plays on the governments marketing campaign to profit off our willpower deficiency.

A collaboration, "Back In Love" is a conversation about the efforts we sometimes forget to make when in love. keep the fire.

Written with the simple message of wanting to truly be settled in life "Happy Here With Me" offers a rockin' melody as addicting as a triple triple at the great Tim Hortons OR Chapstick.

The ballad "Doin' Time" tells the story of a young girl who lives with memories of her abusive past knowing her perpetrator walks free.

"Woman Of Red" is an empowering anthem and the title track that encourages forgiveness and healing after the Residential/Boarding School plague that swept across our Red Nation. To walk with courage and share the stories brings us all freedom and the knowledge to pass onto our children and generations to come.

Everyone has had a partner in life that made you question what we saw in him/her in the first place. It’s true. More truth is how we tend to accept the poor excuses for their cheating ways. Find this honesty and humor in the bouncy track "Do It For Me".

Pulling at the ol' heart strings is the story of growing up without your Father in "Me & Mama".

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