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Over Stones

Over Stones

By Stuart&Russell

Sunday, January 20, 2013
Allen Hunnie Audio
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Overthought maybe, but never overblown introspective lyrics land on gorgeous melodies in soundscapes that range from lush Beatle-esqe through Alt-Country to 40's influenced Indie Jazz..

Track 1: Signs - A rollicking look at human fear and doubt amidst an awesome universe.

Track 2: When It Rains - A poignant ballad of grief and sadness for loved ones lost. I was feeling sad for a friend who’s father had passed away.

Track 3: Mr. Lacklustre - Gentle self-loathing wrapped in a blanket of 40's-reminiscent jazz

Track 4: Mother’s Garden - The chilling tale of a child caught up in war – written for a War Child Canada concert fundraiser.

Track 5: Alive – A grooving acoustic rocker with ‘stream of consciousness’ lyrics. I was thinking of books I’d read and people I’d met, but mostly about how much I love writing songs.

Track 6: I'm in the Mood for Someone - A half-sad "lookin' for" love song in 3/4 time. Something took me back to the first time my heart was broken.

Track 7: Over Stones - Sometimes we let the obstacles stop us. Does it have to be that way?

Track 8: Halfway - A lonely soldier, killed in the line of duty, makes a poignant request upon arriving home.

Track 9: Born (Father Mother Daughter Son) – A take on the meaning of life for all the fathers, mothers, daughters and sons – with a nod to The Beatles slow piano ballad style.

Track 10: Light in the Distance - Ken Campbell's pedal steel riffs wind like lace through an attempt to understand what keeps us going day after day.

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