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STRING TWISTER - Billy Joe Green Hits & Misses

STRING TWISTER - Billy Joe Green Hits & Misses

By Billy Joe Green

Wednesday, December 1, 2010
Catalog No.

Billy Joe Green is an Aboriginal blues icon. As much as one can see that there are a growing number of Aboriginal artists following the blues musical genre, Billy Joe Green showed all of them how it’s done “Indian Style”. Inclusive of both subject matter and music styles, the hybrid of Aboriginal culture into the blues format is something that Green proved to all that Aboriginal people can sing the blues as well or better than any other ethnically rich culture. Billy Joe Green’s guitar playing gets down and dirty with gritty rough edges or he soothes and relaxes with gentle finesse. Green gives us all sides of his music from “on fire” to “relaxing and mellow”. This cd is one of the best collections for both fans of Green’s career or a perfect choice for someone new to his music. Anyone who is a listener of Aboriginal radio will be familiar with the song “Keep The Circle Strong”, which was on regular rotation in the mid 90’s.

The cd opens with a classic sound that’s instantly laid back and shows off Green’s guitar nimbleness on string twisting. From that point on its 16 more songs of every side of music Green has to offer over his career. Ending the cd, Green delivers a traditional drum song honouring his Aboriginal roots before signing off with a lullaby. If you have never heard of Billy Joe Green, take one part Stevie Ray Vaughan and two parts George Thorogood and put an eagle feather in his cap and Billy Joe Green is the real deal for any blues fan. There are no “misses” on this collection of songs as the title suggests. These are songs of hits and should have been hits if you can twist your mind around that title.

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