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Swingin' Tomahawk

Swingin' Tomahawk

By Billy Joe Green

Sunday, March 17, 2013

Billy Joe Green is one of Canada's Premier Blues Guitar players, is a winner of numerous awards including a JUNO nomination, and this is his sixth indie release.

“Down and dirty with gritty rough edges”

“Soothes and relaxes with gentle finesse”

“On fire” to “relaxing and mellow”

“Searing, piercing guitar, smooth vocals and a lot of feeling”

Billy Joe Green's guitar rips across tracks of blues, country and ‘60s rock, and he does so distinctively – applying a Red tinge to the blues. Just listen to the honky-tonk of “Red Road.” As they used to say in the ‘60s, this is good sh$#, man. Listen.  A legend of the rock circuit on Turtle Island. His heavy hitting guitar licks and high energy shows have kept him working for three decades and more.

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