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By Patti Kusturok

Saturday, August 30, 2014
Jeremy Rusu
Catalog No.



"Cindy Campbell's First Change (Kusturok)/Trip To Kelowna (Rusu)"




"Iced Capp Swing (Kusturok/Rusu)"




"Julie & Albert's Waltz (J. Rusu)"

From the liner notes....

Life is made up of a series of events, some being random everyday happenings, and others being more of a life altering nature.  These past few years have been quite the ride for me, both personally and professionally.  We all experience those “milestone” moments…meeting special people, a death of a loved one, changes in how we think about things, “a-ha” moments, relationships ending and beginning, sweet gigs that happen and go straight to our resumés, drastic health and lifestyle changes…These are just few of the experiences I’ve had in the past two years.  Each and every one of them has not only changed me, but has allowed the real Patti to emerge and blossom.  As I go through this stage in my life, I’m incredibly grateful for each and every Milestone, and am thrilled that they continue to appear. 

2014 marks forty years since I first picked up the fiddle.  I was Patti Kusturok then, and after much thought I have decided to get back to my roots and return to that name.  I often wonder what my life would be like had my parents not decided to get me a 1/8 sized violin and enroll me in lessons at the age of four, the biggest milestone of all.  I really don’t remember NOT playing the fiddle…it’s not something I do, it’s something that I am.  And I love it. 

I would like to thank Jeremy Rusu for pouring his heart and soul into this recording and for being my “secret weapon” each and every time we perform.  He is not only a musical genius, he’s a wonderful friend and person.

To my son Alex, you are my light and I love you with all my heart.  You continue to be my favourite fiddle player and I’m always so happy when we have the chance to play music together.   If I can achieve a fraction of the “drive” you do when you play, I’ll consider that success.

Tune List:

1.       Medley:       Golden Wedding Reel – Don Messer

Mother's Reel – Don Messer

Durang’s Hornpipe – Traditional

Television Reel – John Durocher

2.       Beaumont Rag – Traditional (P.D.)

3.       A & E Waltz –Rusty Modrell

4.       Medley:       The EbTune – J.P. Cormier

                           Reel For Brenda – J.P. Cormier

5.       Iced Capp Swing – Patti Kusturok & Jeremy Rusu

6.       Medley:       Shiftin’ Gears – Carl Elliott

Maple Syrup – Frank Ferrel

7.       Limerock - Traditional

8.       En Ganske Snill Mann – Ragnhild Furebotten

9.       Le 24 juin – Phillippe Bruneau

10.     Medley:       Cindy Campbell's First Change – Patti Kusturok

                           Flying to Kelowna – Jeremy Rusu

11.     Braelyn – Kelli Trottier

12.     Medley:       Reel a Joe – Réjean Lizotte

                           Reel a Jean-Luc Paradis – Réjean Lizotte

                           Reel a Gilbert – Réjean Lizotte

13.     Carabella – Gordon Stobbe

14.     Julie and Albert's Waltz – Jeremy Rusu

15.     Little Rock Getaway – Joe Sullivan

16.     Medley:       Les Duhemes – Calvin Vollrath

Monsieur Poisson – Calvin Vollrath

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