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By Steve Bell

Monday, September 15, 2014
Murray Pulver and Dave Zeglinski and Steve Bell
Signpost Music
Signpost Music
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How does an artist with the longevity of Steve Bell – who has released 17 albums that have sold over 300,000 copies, and earned numerous awards and accolades including two JUNOs – celebrate a 25-year career? By releasing an ambitious multi-disc project, featuring not only his own talent, but the talent of many others… 

Pilgrimage will be Steve Bell’s 18th album release since he put out Comfort My People back in 1989. An ambitious project funded partially through a successful Kickstarter campaign, the four-disc box set contains: 

➢ Disk 1: Pilgrimage – 12 brand new songs from Steve Bell, conceived during a songwriting retreat in 2013, and centred on the theme of Lent. The collection is produced by Steve Bell, long-time manager Dave Zeglinski, and Murray Pulver. 

➢ Disk 2: Unadorned – 12 songs from Steve’s previous albums, selected by friends and fans, and rerecorded with just vocals and guitar. The collection was recorded at Whitewater Studios in Surrey, BC, under the direction of producer Roy Salmond. 

➢ Disk 3: Good Company – 13 of Steve’s songs, secretly recorded by musician friends Jon Buller, Diana Pops & Adrian Bradford, The Bros. Landreth, Mike Janzen, Carolyn Arends, Glen Soderholm, Bob Bennett, Ego Spank, Gayle Salmond, Jacob Moon, David Jennings, Don Amero and Malcolm Guite, each of whom chose their own favourite from Steve’s massive body of work. 

➢ Disk 4: Landscapes – 17 previous songs remixed as instrumental versions without vocals, highlighting the musical landscapes and the many musicians behind the melodies. It’s a personal project by Dave Zeglinski, who started remixing Steve’s songs to play as ‘background music’ before concerts, and discovered a demand for the mixes.

Pilgrimage will be released on September 15, 2014, along with an accompanying book that includes, among other things, a reflective biographical essay and discography written by John Stackhouse Jr. 

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