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Dustin Harder's Prairie Soul

Dustin Harder's Prairie Soul

By Dustin Harder's Prairie Soul

Friday, October 14, 2016
Unison Studios and Dustin Harder and Len Milne
Bedside Studios and MOSMA | Mid-Ocean School of Media Arts and Unison Studios
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Dustin Harder

Dustin Harder’s Prairie Soul

What you need to know:

-Dustin Harder is proud to announce his first self-released album with Prairie Soul, “Dustin Harder’s Prairie Soul” the upcoming first full-length release from Dustin Harder’s Prairie Soul

           -Available pre-release September 1st-24th, 2016 on CD

    _worldwide Digital release October 14th, 2016

-3 singles “ Miss You”, “Killin Time”  and “Can't give up on your love” are available for sale from the first 11 original song full-length release

-The 4 piece band is heading out to western Canada on their first ever tour “Hittin’ the Road Harder”

-The album was recorded locally at various recording studios in Winnipeg, MB Co produced by Dustin Harder [Unison Studios. With co producer Scott Stewart. Bedside Studios engineered and co produced with Len Milne . Mid Ocean Media Arts produced by Dustin Harder with various local musicians including Jess Rae Ayre. Jake Bell. Jake Stead. Jeremy Rusu. Jon Lemer. Dan Frechette. And more.

What they sound like:

-A blues-roots-rock band that raucously explores truths that Dustin has had to come to terms with on the subjects of love, death.  relationships and his musical career.

-Dustin shines as the lead vocalist and guitarist while band members Bill Cooke- Hammond Organ fills the sound of an often unrelenting rhythm section of  bassist  Bob Bass and drummer Rick “The Animal” Caputi.


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