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You Gotta Laugh

You Gotta Laugh

By Annette

Thursday, February 12, 2009
DB Benedictson
Unity Gain Productions
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“Annette Campagne returns with her first English album with fabulous results. Heavily influenced by the great folkie singer-songwriters of the 70’s like James Taylor and Carly Simon, Annette takes the genre and makes it all new again. Light funky rhythms, gorgeous melodies and introspective lyrics make this one a winner.”
Duke Eatmon, CBC Montreal 

It may be a different tack for Annette Campagne to sing in English - or at least, to sing entirely in English. But the sparkling songwriting that put Hart-Rouge on the map so many years ago puts this all-Anglo effort alongside the best of contemporary performers like Shawn Colvin. The hook-filled “Let You Go” is one of the catchiest songs this year.

Mark Rheaume, CBC Radio


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