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Friday, August 19, 2016
Abstract Artform and Poetry In Motion
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Poetry In Motion
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April, 2016

The west coast flavour of Snoop Dogg’s, Doggystyle, was reborn into the soul of Manitoba artist, DAG. His most recent project is a fun play on Snoop’s classic hip hop album. Daggystyle is a funkadelic adventure as a young man “meets women, gets emotional, loses women, drinks, parties, likes to dance and have a good time..” 

DAG is working hard towards consistency. With involvement in five mixtape’s in the past few years, this is DAG’s first time pressing an album for hard copy release. DAG produced the album with his partner in rhyme, KP, (Poetry In Motion). The whole vibe is up beat and funky, with a touch of 70’s blues club mystic. The lyrical content is honest, drawing experience from real life situations, but presenting them in an exaggerated, animated way. DAG loves the ladies, but they don’t always love him! Take the third track on the album, The Climb, Dag lays his feelings out to no avail. Couple that with a sweet, T Pain style RnB hook and get ready to bleed your heart out. Track 6, Funkin You Up, is designed to get the hips moving. Why do hip hop shows have to look like a grade 6 dance with the kids holding up the walls?! If a thug starts to move on the dance floor and no ones around to see him do it, is it still considered a two step? Track 11, Planet B, is a  plea for long term survival. The earth’s natural bounty is drying up at an alarming rate. DAG brings so much soul to this track it could become the new theme song for Greenpeace. It’s so smooth, it fits into the rhythm and doesn’t disrupt the flow of funk one bit. 

Daggystyle is a syllabus of one kids definition of true hip hop.This album is boldly named after a legendary body of work, it’s up to you if it touches the tippy toes of a master. Available on Bandcamp or in hard copy form, check out Daggystyle today.

DAG is a producer/lyracist from Thompson, Manitoba. On top of his solo projects, he also works with KP, in a group called Poetry In Motion. They put out albums and produce for a fair amount of the artists in Winnipeg. Early 2016, DAG and Khan Vikshyn released  Best Buds. The project is a reflection on their mutual love for each other and smoking marijuana. You can find more music by DAG at 

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