Discount Everything

Discount Everything

By The Inflatable Band

Wednesday, September 5, 2018
Curtis Falk
Studio Löb
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The 1st full length album from noise-pop provocateurs THE INFLATABLE BAND.

Contains 8-page colour booklet.

Track listing:

1. Payment

2. Comely Falls the Straw

3. Plainclothes Cop

4. These Northern Skies

5. $25

6. Marianne (Song For My Ex-Wife Who Died)

7. Mojo Workin'

8. Orbiting

9. Box

10. Try

11. You Don't Know What

12. When the Welsh Close In

13. The Jamaican Guys

14. Like A Son

Total track time 54:53


Curtis Falk: Guitar, Vocals, Production 
Keyboards, Viola, Bass (These Northern Skies, Like A Son) 

Jeff Peeling: Noise Guitar, Vocals 
Theremin (These Northern Skies, Like a Son) 
Stylophone (Marianne, When the Welsh Close In) 

Jesse Waters-Wolfe: Drums 

Matt Dias: Bass 

All songs by The Inflatable Band except #3 by The Inflatable Band & David Skene.

Mastered by Carl Saff.

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