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By The Rainy Day Apparel

Saturday, December 15, 2018
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"Thaw Me Out"

Track Listing


1. Matches                          4:05

2. Drag                                4:48

3. Thaw Me Out                  4:32

4. Reset                              4:13

5. Why Would I?                 4:51



Head East, head West

Just let your conscience rest

I don't like to

Stray too far from you


I was only hopin'

To fix what's broken


I picked a wonderful time to run

I guess that saying really holds some truth

You can't run from your demons

But you can light a fire. and they're no match for you


I miss the rain

Punctuating sunny days

Without it you won't grow.

If you wait you'll never know for sure (that's for sure)



Pass my days believing somethings gotta give

That ain't no way to live. or is it?

Making mountains. and move 'em all the same

I muddied up my name along the way


I'm a fool thats done fooling 'round with you

Stick a fork in this road. cuz I'm done

How can I learn if I don't read too much into this

It's a drag hanging on to you


Pulling seams. it’s all unravelling

Tugging at the strings that tie us down

I try to drive the point home in this state I'm in

But the wheel spins and spins and spins


Thaw Me Out

I can see the end

It means we’re on the mend

Sunshine melts winter hell

And our cages in the cold


Reflections of the time

The seasons are a window into this heart of mine

Baby you, are the reason I got through

Let’s leave this all behind


Good things come to those who wait

It all feels a little too late

The glaring sun shows the damage done

It’s staying for the long run

Thaw Me Out



Learn how to feel again

Desperate for a win

Simple joys, like the sound of your voice

This is how I live when March refuses to give



Soaking in the setting sun

Adding up the damage I've done

Praying for a distant rain

to come and save my soul again


I don't know where I'm going

Or if I'm coming to terms


Start again. Start again

I'm hoping for just one more day

As I wish today away


Love is the hardest game I bet

When I refuse to press reset

It's impossible to understand

When I don't know who the hell I am


Why Would I?

Self-professed, I'm a bit of a mess

Then again who's not?

Loves an imbalance, a weakness, a talent

But it's all we've got


And I lose myself each time I find you

and I break down as you're you building me up

I think with my heart

I can't get you off of my mind

Why in the hell would I?

Why would I?


Emotions unfurl. they bloom and they swirl

In the hearts fluid state we sway

If I get confused. I'm not the man that you once knew

I'll turn back the clock and I'll change

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