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Braided Up

Braided Up

By Stun

Saturday, August 24, 2019
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Braided Up

Braided Up is an album with a statement. Challenging the oppression of pain and struggle within indigenous communities and lifestyle, Stun's sophomore album captures the growth of awareness. With songs like, Feel Me Flow and I Am Native, referring to the love of self-belief, and the idea of realizing your identity, this strong bond of sounds, contain a deeper look into the life of a modern day indigenous man. Cherishing the beauty of rhythm and flow, Play it Right is definitely a call to the youth. For better preparation and to open the eyes to the real world, some leaders often misguide you, this song is definitely a piece that will catch your ears. Braided Up was made to speak to the the youth, young men, and women of our day and age. 

Deciphering the voices of the past and creating a new future for generations to come, raising awareness of culture is one plan that is in place. 


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