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Rolling Thunderlight

Rolling Thunderlight

By Exquisite Ghost

Saturday, August 3, 2019
Jordan Thomas
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future fusion; prog hop

"The drums have a sentience that doesn’t abide by its surroundings completely ... Exquisite Ghost uses a bewildering amount of layers to achieve these effects, but the intricacy the producer uses does not go amiss ... Mandala is spritely in tone, the melody follows along an unkempt and unpredictable pathway ... The very last track Ninth of Eight of Six starts with a beautiful symbiosis of mellow bells and vitalised strings. The two do not necessarily follow each other’s lead, but are able to co-exist peacefully. The result is certainly one of the more rich and affecting moments of the album. Synth pads grow and then recede. The two main instruments find a shared understanding gradually, playing the same trills and motifs. Astonishing production work allows us to listen to both simultaneously. The strings are sharp and sometimes stubborn in their melody. The beauty of both sounds is curated perfectly by Exquisite Ghost." - Listencorp (

"Although this is just a rough calculation of one small complexity in the enormous complexity of Exquisite Ghost's Rolling Thunderlight, the latest release in a flurry of exceptional...  more


released August 3, 2019

Written / Produced by Jordan Thomas
Design by Anthony Pandolfino

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