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By Liam Berry

Sunday, February 3, 2019
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Originally this was going to be the soundtrack for a little retro game project I was working on with my brother. When we decided to stop making the game, I thought I might as well finish up what I had and make a little EP.

The story tells of a caretaker who is tasked with dispatching a group of insurgents from lighting an ancient and mysterious lighthouse, and the caretaker's change of heart upon failure.

The style was mainly dictated by the low-bit art style of the game, which blended nicely with 8-bit sounds "augmented" with acoustic instruments. The entire soundtrack is derived in some way from the sung melody heard in the first track.

Thanks to Noel Berry for making the cover art and working on the original game with me, and my very patient partner, friends, and family for putting up with me while I wrote this / obsessively showed them works-in-progress.

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