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The Crucible - Single

The Crucible - Single

By An Unexpected End

Sunday, April 21, 2019
Evan St.Cyr
Arcade Studios, Niverville MB
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The Crucible - Single



"The Crucible"



I'm in the crucible

I'm finding each new day

She is the meteor

That came crash'n through my space 

Part of me is not enough

So go on walk away

Cause love'll take the corners too

If I let her stay


Well I am the prodigal 

Product of my mind

I'm beat'n down to critical

I thought I would surely die

Before you Good Samaritan

I taught the love you gave

It took me beat'n half to death

To know of what I spake

(To know of what I spake)


(Ooh) But I know I know it now


I am a skeleton

She's the hollow in my cage

If no man is an island

What does her mainland crave?

So tell me son of Nazareth

As you lay me in the grave

Must love take the corners too

If I let her stay?

Oh Imma let her stay


(Ooh) Cuz I know I know it now

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