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Bloody Knees - Single

Bloody Knees - Single

By An Unexpected End

Friday, March 20, 2020
Evan St.Cyr
Arcade Studios, Niverville MB, Canada
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Bloody Knees - Single



"Bloody Knees"

"When I was a kid, we used to go up and down the sidewalk in front of our home on scooters. We spent hours just riding and pretending to be cars or whatever. Sometimes we ate it, but we got up and kept going. Bloody Knees is about longing to be in that mindset again. To know the simplistic faith of a child, and to have the courage to get up when we fall. As we move forward as a band, I hope it will serve to remind us and others of this truth."    -AUE



Hey there Bloody Knees

It’s your DNA on the pavement-streak

You left it on the fallen leaves (ooh ooh)


Hey there Bloody Nose

It’s your blackened eye your battered toes

Once I looked for broken bones (ooh ooh)


Smilin wide as the sea

(Ooh ooh) To be a child again


Hey there grown up gal

You’re surrounded by your “best-est” pals

Your dolls and all your animals (ooh ooh)


Smilin wide as the sea 

(Ooh ooh) to be…

Smilin wide as the sea

Won’t You take me, (as) a child again?

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