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I Will Be

I Will Be

By Brett Schulz

Friday, April 17, 2020
Jamie Sitar-mastering
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This song is about trying to improve yourself as a person. For your loved ones, your partner, your family, friends. It is about trying to find your way in life. It's about ones perspective of themselves through life.



I don’t mind 
never felt this way before 
It’s kinda like 
minding my own time and yours 
And if I hurt my self then 
what will come of it I’m sure 
It’s kinda like 
finding my way to your door 

I can’t see 
what I wanted it to be 
I cant see 

I can’t find 
My way out of the front line 
Am I blind 
Given orders to survive 
And if I through myself in 
Will I come back out alive 
I won’t mind 
That I’m yours and you are mine 

Will I be 
What I wanted you to see 
I will be 

I’m alright 
I’ll find the time to say goodbye 
It’s quite a sight 
To move it all into the night 

I can’t buy the time it takes 
To be seen in one whole space 
I will be what you need 
I will be there wait and see 
It takes some time to figure out 
Don't you worry about it 
I will be


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