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Cheval Géant

Cheval Géant

By Anne-Marie Williot

Sunday, April 19, 2020
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Cheval Géant is an album made up of original songs written and composed by Anne-Marie Williot.

Many wonderful musicians and artists collaborated in the project.

Anne-Marie Williot sang lead, played accordion, guitar, glockenspiel, stomped, and kicked.

Natanielle Felicitas played cello.

Claudine St.Arnauld played violin.

Ian Cherry played upright bass, trombone, and contrabass bugle.

J.A. Süss played piano and synth.  Süss also played flute on Nage la Neige.

Charlie Wilson played flute on Vendredi Treize.

Jude Pelley played mandolin and guitar.

Nathalia Polischuk, Vincent Alexander Andrushko, Natanielle, Claudine, Ian, Süss, Charlie, and Jude, all sang.

Anne-Marie wrote and composed all songs, except Le Bateau, which was composed with Natanielle.

The instrumentsl arrangements were collaborations between Anne-Marie and the band. 

Süss co-wrote the flute part for Vendredi Treize.

Anne-Marie arranged and produced the album.

Jude recorded and mixed.

Jamie Sitar, from Outta Town Sound, mastered.

Luna made the artwork.

Sandra Leone and Charlie Rae Walker did the design.

This album was recorded in Anne-Marie's living room in Winnipeg, MB.


If you are interested in purchasing a physical copy of this album, please contact Anne-Marie Williot at

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