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Orvis Thomas

Orvis Thomas

By Orvis

Friday, December 25, 2020
Dale Penner / Paradise Alley Productions and Neil Cameron
Exchange District Studios and Private Ear Recording and Paradise Alley Studios
Broken Cloud Entertainment
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Orvis Thomas



"Only Your Love"

"This EP is all of my previously-released solo recorded material in one collection. My aim is to raise money for charitable initiatives in Winnipeg that directly benefit homeless populations by donating all of my proceeds from the sale of this EP to those initiatives, such as Jordan's Sleeping Bags started by Winnipeg guitar legend Billy Joe Green. I strongly urge everyone to make an effort to better the lives of us all by performing acts of kindness and goodwill whenever possible."

- Orvis Thomas

1. Fall To Pieces 03:27
2. Only Your Love 03:27
3. My Next Big Mistake 03:24
4. Dreaming 03:24
5. Win Some/Lose Some/Lonesome 03:03
6. Wonderful 04:26

Wonderful and Dreaming were recorded at Private Ear Studios by Neil Cameron in May 2012 and May 2013, respectively.

Only Your Love was recorded at Paradise Alley Studios by Dale Penner in April 2015. Fall To Pieces was recorded at Paradise Alley Studios and Exchange District Studios by Dale Penner June-July 2015. My Next Big Mistake and Win Some/Lose Some/Lonesome were recorded at Paradise Alley Studios by Dale Penner from December 2016 to May 2017.

All tracks words & music by Orvis Thomas, except Track 1, words by Orvis Thomas, music by Orvis Thomas & Karl Shewchuk
Vocals on all tracks: Orvis Thomas
Guitars on all tracks: Orvis Thomas, except Track 1, guitars by Orvis Thomas & Ronnie Ladobruk
Bass on all tracks: Karl Shewchuk, except Track 6, bass by Kyle Hauser
Live Drums performed by: Ryan Voth on Tracks 1 & 2, Sean Polden on Tracks 4 & 6
Programmed Drums & Percussion: Dale Penner, Tracks 1, 3, 5
Washboard: Doc Bailey, Track 2
Keyboards: Alex Campballse, Tracks 3 & 5
Pedal Steel: Steve Hinson, Track 2
Production: Dale Penner, Tracks 1-3 & 5, Neil Cameron, Tracks 4 & 6

Artwork designed by Orvis Thomas and Art Szabo

Tracks 1, 2, 3, 5 mixed and engineered by Dale Penner
Tracks 4, 6 mixed and engineered by Neil Cameron
All tracks mastered by Scott Pinder

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