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Ring Road (single)

Ring Road (single)

By Okay Mann

Thursday, June 20, 2019
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Ring Road’s infectious chorus and energetic production make it the perfect song for your summer playlist. Hard-panned acoustics, a rolling baritone guitar, soft trumpets, and a bubbling floor tom support Okay Mann’s cutting vocals. Recorded at Vancouver’s 12th Street Sound studios, the track was then volleyed back and forth between the artist and long-time collaborator, London-based producer Chris Hewitt. Hewitt’s depth of experience in-studio and as a live engineer brought a fiery spirit to the reflective lyrics.

“I wrote the song after a relationship came to an end, we each reacted very differently. I became stuck in an emotional rut, and she cycled solo around the Ring Road of Iceland - the well known highway which runs around the country. I was happy and proud for her, but a small part of me had the selfish desire to drag her down to my level, emotionally.” 

The track acknowledges that sometimes, it takes a while to move on. It works through the frustration and difficulty of trying to look to the future with two feet planted firmly in the past. In the word’s of Big Thief’s Adrienne Lenker, “There’s only so much letting go you can ask someone to do.

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