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By Fuller Hull

Tuesday, March 2, 2021
John Paul Peters
Private Ear Recording
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This debut album reflects my views on our walk through this world, with recurring themes of nature, relationships, time, and rural life in the field and on the farm. 

This album started as a very personal project to record songs that I wrote at different stages of my life so I can share them with my closest relations. Yet with the confidence and nurturing from Private Ear Recording (thanks JP and V), I added new songs to my old ones until I had a collection that combined past, present, and future. The result is "March".

The album title speaks to the promise of its namesake month. On the prairies, March is a volatile time, but the month promises a new season of growth and prosperity. The title also reflects the passing of seems only a short while ago when I "took a break" from my music only to return to it 25 years later. A little less abstract, the term "march" can be interpreted more concretely as the steps we take every day to get to wherever it is we've got to go.

For me, "March" is a walk through my life in nine songs.

Thanks for taking the time to walk with me, even if its only for 30 minutes. 



All songs written by Jeffery Cottes.
All songs performed and arranged by Jeffery Cottes and John Paul Peters.
Special thanks to Jon Plett for drums on "Rain on the Wind" and "Stony Road".
Produced by John Paul Peters and Jeffery Cottes. 
Recorded, mixed, and mastered by John Paul Peters at Private Ear Recording in Winnipeg, Manitoba.


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