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By Trinsicate

Friday, February 5, 2021
Craig Boychuk
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After releasing Trinsicate - Solutions, in Dec. 2020 Mariachi Ghost member Tim Friesen followed it up with a companion piece Illusions, available on Bandcamp Feb. 5 and all other streaming platforms on Feb. 26.Illusions continues Trinsicate’s soulful blend of jazz and classy psych pop, while venturing toward minimal and ambient sonic textures in the second half of the album.

Winnipeg musician and teacher Tim Friesen began the recordings as solo piano and voice tracks, adding synths, trumpet, flugelhorn, and percussion afterward. Studio engineer Craig Boychuk again collaborates with Tim Friesen on production while also playing percussion.  The album features three fresh Winnipeg voices, jazz solo artist Sean Irvine on saxophone, Grant Trippel (Catamounts) on guitars, and Sara Clefstad on harmony vocals. The album was recorded from March 2019-Jan. 2020. The album again features graphic designer Amy Wood (Mariachi Ghost) with unified artwork that matches Solutions blend of elegant oil paint and digital art techniques, while broadening the color pallet for Illusions.

You can listen to the album at, or go to for links to Spotify, Apple, Amazon, Youtube and more.



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