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By Icy Melz

Friday, July 30, 2021
I See Why You're Trippin'
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1. WONKY! [prod. MTC Beatz]
2. WOKE UP! (Smile On My Face) (ft. Trip Bishop) [prod. 7sent]
3. STREET CODE! (ft. Cohle) [prod. BluTop]
4. RUN IT BACK! [prod. ItsRealFresh]
5. B.B.B.B (ft. Yellowbunny) [prod. A2RBeatz]
6. TALK LIKE THIS! [prod. Depo]
7. KEEPIN' IT BO$$ (ft. Sir Louie) [prod. BluTop]
8. WILLY WONKY! (ft. Trip Bishop) [prod. A2RBeatz]
9. DOWN ON ME! [prod. Novas]
10. OH OH! (ft. Prince Shaatu) [prod. A2RBeatz]
11. STUCK WITH ME! [prod. BluTop]
12. JUICED! (ft. ChainLink) [prod. Ghostrage]
13. SMOKE TWO! (ft. Trip Bishop) [prod. A2RBeatz]
14. SAD SONG! [prod. Mors]
15. I (dreamland) [prod. NoLyrics]
16. COMING FROM THA BOTTOM! (ft. CJ the Grey) [prod. Kingsford]
17. I - ICY MELZ REMIX! [prod. Icy Melz & NoLyrics]

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