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By The Rainy Day Apparel

Thursday, September 29, 2022
Evan Giesbrecht


Track List

1. Towns

2. Freakin’ Out

3. Skipping Stone

4. Luck

5. Moon, Light & Waves



Scattering dust in an empty room. the light it fades before it gets to you

I guess memories won't be enough. to fill you up when life gets tough to do

All these ideas just floating in space. and they wonder what killed this place


She gets up early and logs on so she doesn't miss

A chance to tell strangers about the all right ways to live

Veiled it in kindness. I'll get through the gates if I remind them to have a blessed day


How the hell did we mess this up?

All we need is love and a little luck

What a lonely way to run

When you're looking out for number one

The damage is done


The handing of torches. on porches we'd pass them around

These days we dont need a reason to burn it all down

I'm not saying I'm perfect but under the surface I'm the same boy from back in the day

Every last person will change in the end. but you shouldn't give up on your friends.



Lord O Lord I need a release. I need a smoke screen for protection and peace

You're in the distance looking for a habit to hold. hold onto me


I'm kinda freaking out

I hate to admit that I like it, I do

Going a ride right next to you

You, you're kinda freaking out

You hate to admit that you like it, you do


With a common thread we stitched up the unravelling world outside

We can sew the tear the stigma left. in the cover of the night

Why go to war when you never needed to fight


I’ve been waiting so long for you come on over to see the bright side. the highlights

Smoke starts billow and roll across your pillow. seeds sewn, it grows

I knew it in my heart, I knew from the start. if it brings us together then it won't rip us apart

I know this sounds crazy. but you maybe you just might like it. You like it   



I don't wanna talk about

The other side of common ground

I'm sitting on a double yellow line as cars go by

I don't really know what drives me now

I'm lost more than I am found

Since when was it not OK to live in the gray


I don't wanna fight or pick a side

I guess you'll have to dance alone I'm a skipping stone


I'll hold onto what’s real to me and

try not to take myself so seriously

I'm not a vessel for change I'm fool in the rain who’s a million miles from home

I'm not saying that I know or that I don’t



I must’ve made a deal with the devil, I can’t stay level

It’s not even my mess to clean you know I mean it

I’m sorry, I’m so sorry


Bad luck is calling my name, it ain’t exactly news

I complain that nothing goes my way

But then how do I explain you?

I can’t explain you


I’ve spent my life healing this incision

I gave pieces of me just to rebuild bridges

I had no part in setting the blaze

I’m a different man these days in so many ways



Steps we planned

Casts in the sand

Drift to waters black

A light done too soon

Reflecting the moon

I love you there and back, you know


I close my eyes

and feel the rolling tide

I still feel it

Feel the rolling tide


Each memory

like sand in my sheets

Keeps me awake

A song in my head

The words that you said

are all that I can take


Just like the wind on my skin I feel it again

Rolling wave after wave

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