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Trust Fall

Trust Fall

By Yes We Mystic

Friday, October 21, 2022
Adam Fuhr
House of Wonders
DevilDuck Records
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Yes We Mystic has been many things in its decade of existence. In the beginning, it was a group of high schoolers making music on borrowed instruments in a basement in Winnipeg, Manitoba; in a few short years it had become an internationally-touring musical powerhouse being praised as “art pop transformers” (Julijana Capone, BeatRoute Magazine) charged with a “fearless creative energy” (Exclaim!). By 2019, for the release of their sophomore album Ten Seated Figures, they had reinvented themselves as a performance art collective (an alternate version of the band played by artists and actors did interviews, starred in videos, and hosted live performances as the band prodded at the nature of memory). Shortly thereafter the band’s longtime rehearsal space, reborn as House of Wonders, became the beating heart of off-kilter indie music in Winnipeg as frontman Adam Fuhr became a sought-after producer—producing work from JayWood, Virgo Rising, Amos the Kid, Julien’s Daughter, among dozens more. And now, they return as art-rock veterans for the release of their third and final album, Trust Fall, this October.

For a time, the band’s return was uncertain. As Yes We Mystic approached their tenth year together, the five...  more


released October 21, 2022

Yes We Mystic:

Adam Fuhr • vocals, piano, acoustic guitar, electric guitar, synth, organ, drum programming, tape loop, bass guitar on track 8

Jensen Fridfinnson • vocals, violin, synth, keyboard, tape loop

Keegan Steele • vocals, synth, mandolin

Jodi Plenert • cello

Jordon Ottenson • drum kit, auxiliary percussion

Also appearing:

Chelliot Osuntade • bass guitar on tracks 1, 9
Todd Martin • french horn on track 1
Emily Sinclair • vocals on track 6
Jenna Wittmann • electric guitar and violin on track 6
Lauren Wittmann • synth on track 6
Isaac Tate • drum kit on track 6
Brian Gluck • drum kit on track 7
Olivier Macharia • baritone saxophone on track 8
Leigh Lugosi • synth on track 10
Jordan Cayer • bass guitar on track 10
Ella Steele • tap dance on track 10

Produced and engineered by Adam Fuhr at House of Wonders from July 31 – September 6, 2021

Additional engineering by Jensen Fridfinnson at House of Wonders

All songs written by Adam Fuhr and Keegan Steele,
except track 10, written by Adam Fuhr, Keegan Steele and Leigh Lugosi

Track 10 features a sample of 'Ouros' by Góra

Mixed by John Paul Peters at Private Ear Studio

Mastered by Cam Loeppky at Argyle Studio

Cover art by Takashi Iwasaki

Layout and design by Bryce Creasy

To whom we are indebted: Takashi Iwasaki, Bryce Creasy, Jordon Ottenson, Jodi Plenert, Virgo Rising, Leigh Lugosi, Chelly Osuntade, Olivier Macharia, Ryan Steel, Ian Clements, Neil Fitzpatrick, Jörg Tresp, Andrea Kessler and everyone at DevilDuck, John Paul Peters, Cam Loeppky, our family and friends.

Legal: Devin Fulop at Henderson & Co.

Produced with the financial participation of Manitoba Film & Music.

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