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Retired Boyfriend

Retired Boyfriend


Friday, February 10, 2023

DXXN releases his EP "Retired Boyfriend" in addition to his latest recent single "Cruise Love."Despite being a born and raised loverboy, DXXN portrays a distinctive perspective on romance through a fusion of R&B and Afrobeats in this two-song project. The opening song of DXXNplays on the word "Intension," suggesting to his potential love interest that she should be deliberate about her sentiments and apply enough pressure to reawaken his romantic prowess. He insists on meeting halfway since he is already"Falling," and a leopard never changes its spots. He continues to pull in his audience with an open heart, a pleasantly relaxed mood, and a smooth fusion. "It's not like I was dating somebody, I wasn't dating anybody but I wanted to date. I've realized that I can't date or be in love with anyone, so I've retired on that energy," he says, explaining his logic behind this project, which deviates from the stereotype of the guy being intentional to instead being on the receiving end of deliberate love and match that energy because the loverboy already has feelings. All he needs is an excuse to come out of retirement. Intension: DXXN stresses his own heart to his potential love interest, giving it his all while asking her to reciprocate. He'll reward energy with energy, love with love, and intent with intent, so she'll have to up the ante. Falling: When it comes to romance, DXXN is in high demand, but he only has eyes for one person. If that person just met him halfway, her love would grant her a taste of his special boyfriend-loving.

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