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Dreaming (2023 Version)

Dreaming (2023 Version)

By Orvis

Wednesday, June 21, 2023
Private Ear Recording
Private Ear Recording
Broken Cloud Entertainment
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I wanted to get the Higher Guns into the studio, and here we are.  Beautiful.  

Initially my idea was to record live at the Park Theatre, but just the logistics of coordinating everyone's schedules and getting a recording crew in was too daunting to do on the day of a show.  I had discussed with Jon Plett and Private Ear Recording about a mobile crew coming in, but the idea of getting the guys in the studio to allow more freedom and time won me over.

Dreaming was originally recorded in 2013 with a different group of musicians at Private Ear.  I was still very new to the game, but I knew I had to get this song on tape. It featured Karl Shewchuk on upright bass, as well as Sean Polden on Drums.  Neil Cameron helmed the console.  Very enjoyable experience.  Kudos to the guys for great performances and being there at the start.

I have always felt that I could do more with the song.  I had a very brief conversation with Don Amero about the original version . "[Dreaming] makes me wanna sit out on a beach and sip on something cool and watch the sun set!" He went on to comment that the production duties, in the right hands, could make for a better recording.  That has always stuck with me.  Ten years later I believe I've accomplished such a task, with the help of Jon Plett and the inimitable John Paul Peters at Private Ear Recording. With the 2023 version, I'm proud to say I have laid down the best vocal I have ever committed to tape, augmented by the classy and classic tones achieved by the Higher Guns.

Enjoy (on a beach with a cool drink watching the sunset!)

Bass: Vaughan Poyser
Pedal Steel: Rory Verbrugge
Organ, Production, Engineer: John Paul Peters
Production, Engineer: Jon Plett
Vocals, Acoustic Guitar, Production: Orvis Thomas

Recorded at Private Ear Studios March 5, 2023
Mixed & Mastered by Ryan McVeigh

(c) 2023 Higher Guns Music

(p) 2023 Broken Cloud Entertainment

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