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not sad

not sad

By Harper K. Smith

Tuesday, October 31, 2023
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Harper K. Smith is a queer and mad/disabled, freakfolk-pop musician from Winnipeg, Manitoba (Treaty 1 Territory). Aching with chronic illness, PTSD, and complex allergies, her songs hover over broken relationships and death, while still pointing—albeit wearily—to her dreams of a cripped out world. They conjure a glittery apocalypse, moving toward a rebirth even she can’t yet envision.

In “not sad,” Smith kicks off with a jangly pop riff that feels like a sunny day, only to pull you into the cloudiness of chronic illness and late twenties survival. Her 3rd single, it’s laced with wry humour that finds levity in the bleakest corners: “Scared to complain because it could be worse, I could be riding in a hearse.” An anthem for those who’ve danced on the edge, laughed in the face of pain, and sought solace in the absurdity of it all.

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