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The Reactance Bias

The Reactance Bias

By neuroshock

Monday, December 11, 2023
Studio Irrenhaus
Sonic Disruption Research
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The Reactance Bias album 2023

43 min

11 tracks

Cat Nr. SDR 002-ns

The Reactance Bias is the debut album from solo artist Ben Rüsch, on the SDR label.  The self-produced album features 11 tracks of electro/industrial darkwave music which often defies specific genres, owing much to its experimental nature.

The album was completed after the defacto split of Rüsch's former band, PROVIDENCE, a Winnipeg progressive rock power trio, with whom he played drums and percussion.  

The album covers a musical resurrection after the fallout of the pandemic, and a personal time of introspection dealing with regret, fear, anxiety, and loss.  Many of the tracks have a deeply personal lyrical and musical nature.  

Track List:

Resurrection Machine


Liminal Spaces

The Reactance Bias

Critical Mass

Nothing More

Engineered To Fail

Discard Me (I Am A Lie)



Trash Head


Recorded at Studio Irrenhaus, Winnipeg, Canada

All songs and lyrics written, produced, and engineered by Ben Rüsch

Mixed and mastered by Ben Rüsch at Studio Irrenhaus

All vocals, synthesizers and percussion by Ben Rüsch.

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