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By Choi Bolton

Friday, June 7, 2024
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SHONEN translated from Japanese means "young boy." This title perfectly encapsulates the journey of emotional maturity that Choi Bolton takes the listener on throughout the course of the tracklist. The EP opens with fun, dancey, high-energy tracks like Ikuzo!!! and Goofball. The title track, Shonen, serves as a turning point of existentialism within one's life and within the EP itself, where the things once deemed fun and freeing begin to lose their appeal. The EP shifts gears with the songs More and With Me, which bring a reflective point-of-view to relationships and love. The track Nagaoka, named after his mother's hometown in Japan, is Choi's longing for nostalgia and childlike imagination that he lost somewhere along the way. The EP closes with That Day, Choi's most emotional song. Here, Choi has a conversation with his younger self and shows him all the ways he has grown as a person and that there is still a long journey ahead.

Fueled by raw inspiration and emotion, SHONEN was produced, written, and performed all by Choi Bolton from the comfort of his bedroom. Choi really hopes listeners connect, reflect, and enjoy this EP even just a fraction as he did making it.

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