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Goodbye Hal Brolund

It is with mixed emotions that MARIA says so long to Member Services Coordinator Hal Brolund. Hal has decided to follow his dream by re-igniting his life as a full-time touring artist. Hal's work with our members has been exceptional over the past two years, continually and selflessly helping others through his insight and extensive experience in the industry. He has been an integral part of our association's renewal process and we owe much of our recent success to his hard work. We wish him all the best as he continues his work as an artist and offer sincerest congratulations on a job well done here at MARIA. If you see a poster for Manitoba Hal, or see his latest CD Kick at the Stones on sale anywhere, do yourself a favour and check it out. Hal is an exceptional singer-songwriter who will add much to the local and the national roots music scene.

Goodbye Sean McManus

Since January, MARIA has been lucky enough to have Sean McManus on staff as our Training Coordinator. In August, Sean left Winnipeg to pursue graduate studies in Musicology at York University in Toronto. Sean has been responsible for coordinating all of MARIA's training events over the past year, bringing in high-profile professionals from all across Canada to work with MARIA members on all aspects of their careers. Sean was also responsible for developing programs for MARIA's brand-new Music Industry Resource Centre. We were lucky to have a person of Sean's caliber working with us for the better part of a year and we wish him all the best in his future endeavors.

Welcome Corey Ticknor

MARIA is pleased to announce the addition of Corey Ticknor to our staff. As our new Training Coordinator, Corey will be responsible for all aspects of artist development, Resource Centre programming, and training events. Corey's background in the music industry is extensive and varied. As a noted Winnipeg session player, he is an exceptional instrumentalist on both trombone and mandolin, and has an unparalleled understanding of jazz, classical and roots music. He has gigged with everyone from the Winnipeg Jazz Orchestra to the Winnipeg Symphony Orchestra and his band, Das Macht SHOW!, has been nominated for Outstanding Roots Album at the 2002 Prairie Music Awards. Corey's extensive work as a music clinician and educator make him perfectly suited to his new job here at MARIA. Feel free to give Corey a call at 975-5191 to talk about your career development, and watch your mailbox for new MARIA training events in the near future.

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